Blue skies of Summer

Sorry, things have been rather manic off and on the project for the past few weeks so updates have slipped. To get you all back up to speed here’s a bumper crop of pics.

The Tin Barn is racing ahead, with the timber framing for the upstairs rooms nearly finished. Acoustic insulation has gone in to the ground floor ceiling, no heavy stomping upstairs in this house, and work has started on the beautiful curved interior ceiling. As is apparently normal our perspective oscillates between the rooms feeling huge – tiny – huge, I think we have settled for now on ‘plenty big enough’.

Meanwhile on the Stone Barn the game of jenga that is the roof beams continues. They are big bits of timber so quite rightly some care is being taken to make sure they are just right. Once they are in place then the rest of the barn will come together with stone masons and carpenters tying the structure together.

In parallel with this, the plumbers and electricians have been flying. First fix (sticking cables and pipes all over the place) is complete for the Stables and Tin Barn and the work looks fantastic. We are loving the industrial, galvanised conduit in the Stables and the swanky guttering. The air source heat pump has also arrived and that will get installed soon.

So, long may the sun shine as we edge closer to completion.

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