We’re halfway there

As is the way with these sorts of things, at least according to Channel 4 and the gospel that is Grand Designs, our timeline for completion of the house has become a little nebulous. We won’t be in by the end of June as planned but that’s not completely unexpected. Despite the delay, stuff continues to happen at a sometimes bewildering pace, so to celebrate the halfway point of the build1 here are a selection of ‘before‘ and ‘during‘ photos.

The Stables. This building is kind of same, same but very different. The roof has been stripped and rebuilt, and an insulated slab laid. The wooden frame for the bathroom is in place and the walls now boast 90mm of cork thermal render topped with a few coats of lime plaster. The old elm trusses will go back up as a feature in a bit.

The Tin barn is also on a journey from a rusty pile to something quite special. The building frame is up, atop another insulated slab. The wall panels will be filled with lots of blown insulation to complement the air tight membrane that wraps the building. The old tin roof is gone and the prep complete for the new one to be laid soon. Upstairs framing is underway for the first floor rooms and no, they won’t be staying green.

Last but not least the Stone Barn has also come on out of all recognition. More to do here as setting the roof timbers out has been tricky but progress will be swift once that’s sorted. In the meantime the timber framing, for more blown insulation has been constructed along with the humungous ridge beam. Rebuilding the long forgotten stone wall has also started – apparently recreating a wibbly wobbly line is a challenge!

Lots more to do so waaaay too early to be thinking of a move date2 but it is defiantly going in the right direction.

1. we’re not actually sure when the halfway point of the build is as we are not 100% certain when it’s going to end. It feels like it was a little while ago so now feels like a good time to celebrate.

2. who are we kidding, we think of nothing else.

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