A few of my favourite things

As the house starts to come together and move beyond a pile of rust, nettles and mud, it’s nice to see some of the passivhaus details taking shape. With big bits of the structure still missing, we are a way off being airtight just yet but the concept is definitely coming to life.

To achieve the insulation values required we are using ‘warmcel’ which is made from recycled newspapers. The newspapers are collected from offices, schools, overruns from printing companies and kerbside collections. Naturally occurring mineral salts are then added during the milling process for fire resistance and fungal/insect protection before it is compressed into bales for distribution.

The warmcel is then blown through a hole into our timber frame airtight ‘cells’ a bit like the baffles on a sleeping bag or down jacket, before the hole is sealed back up using more of our special airtight tape.

To compliment our recycled tabloid insulation an impressive, new MVHR unit has been fitted, along with with some shiny ducts to move the air around our house.

More importantly than all of that, is the news that the Stone Barn jigsaw puzzle roof has been solved and all the timbers are now in place.

This is on the critical path for completion so it’s all been a bit stressful. The roof can now been boarded and battened ahead of measurements being taken for the steel finish which puts us one step closer to the first air tightness test.

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