Will it rain inside my house?

As you probably know by now our house will be more or less airtight with ventilation provided by a MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery) system. Essentially this pumps in air from outside and chucks out the stale, stinky air once it has had the heat removed.

So far so good, but if it’s raining outside, won’t it suck nasty damp air into the house and make everything wet?

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Ups and Downs

The last few weeks have been pretty frenetic with some good and some less great results. On the plus side, the ground works are now done (yay!) and, as the TV says, “you can’t really plan until you are out of the ground”. Another big relief is Storm Eunice seems to have let us off with the site remaining intact. Getting to this point has not been without some challenges on the energy standard front though.

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