A proper meeting and everything

A trip to very soggy Lake District means our flat is now full of wet camping gear reminding us that we really, really need to get this house finished soon! It was great therefore to have our first on site progress meeting this week. There were good discussions between the Design Team and Builder plus we also got to sit in the site office and leave mud on the floor which reminded me of going to work with Dad.

Progress has temporarily paused while some construction details are sorted and we wait for the big diggers to return. The good news is that things kick off in earnest next week with work on the floor in the Stables starting plus some repair work to the Stone barn. The Stables we have discovered has a lovely brick floor under some newer concrete and the cow poo. Hopefully we can salvage the bricks although not sure what we will do with them yet.

Finally we have therefore just taken delivery of the specialist insulated pipe work which will go from the air source heat pump in the main house across to the Stables. Originally we were having a separate air source heat pump for each building but after many complicated calculations the conclusion is that it will be cheaper and more effective to have just one.

Needless to say this special pipework was reassuringly expensive.

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