Quite a big mess

It’s fair to say the site now looks like a proper building site. Ground works have started and the first job was to strip back the top soil and lay temporary hardcore everywhere so the machinery doesn’t sink in the resultant mud. The rule of thumb appears to be “why lay one ton of hardcore when you can use three” so our idyllic bit of field is now sporting a new look

As well as prepping the site, the Builder has forged ahead on a number of other fronts.

The Stables

The asbestos roof sheets have been removed, well in fact the whole roof has now gone. As expected the old roof joists were a bit rotten but we might be able to re-use them in a decorative role. The building has also been cleared of a hundred years of cow poo so that should give the veg patch a kick start next year.


Working with the utility companies is a bit like herding cats but we’re getting there. Ducts have been laid to the main road ready for the utility companies. Electricity is done, just waiting for a meter to be fitted and we will then have electricity to site. Water coming soon hopefully which will be good.

Finally the sewer has also been laid to the south, again just waiting for permission to connect it up and the stonemason to rebuild the wall.

Next week will feature a 2000 litre soak away test to see how the final drainage design work plus some more prep work, surveys and planning. There will probably be some more hardcore too; hey why not?

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