Lots happening below ground for the past week with diggers on site for the drainage trenches and foundations. As we’re a wee distance from the high street our arrangements for services are a little more complicated

Foundations. To hit the right energy standard we are having a raft slab concrete floor sitting on top of 250mm of insulation. That in itself is quite straightforward but digging down that far raises the risk of the existing stone walls falling down – propping is the order of the day.

Rain water. Following our soak-away test we are blessed with super fast draining land so this is relatively straightforward. We just need a massive hole filled with special crates to allow the water to drain. We did investigate using gravel instead of plastic but the extra maintenance is a not worth the hassle and the plastic will last for a very, very long time.

Electrics. The connection is now in from Western Power but unfortunately getting a meter fitted so we can use the power seems unnecessarily difficult and we are still waiting for our service provider to get a chop on – weekly emails explaining their special offers are getting a bit wearing,

One thought on “Holes

  1. You will get brownie points for having Suds
    That’s a sustainable urban drainage system to us in the know
    Good for run-off attenuation and allowing pollutants to break down in the soil before they get to watercourses

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