We have to decide that now?

Some time ago, in fact it seems years ago, we were having great fun looking at floor samples, paint colours and other fancifull finishing touches all ignoring the fact that we hadn’t even started building yet. All of a sudden we seem to be at the stage of having to choose finishes right now so they can be planned in. How did that happen?

Fortunately having a flat full of samples means we have been staring at choices pretty much every day for the past few months, slowly whittling down the options. Trying to limit ‘transport’ miles has been a factor along with looking for low VOC options to limit use of harmful glues and vapours.

As you might imagine there is a bewildering array of fabrics, materials and colours to choose from but we are getting there. All this indecision culminated in a fantastic finishes workshop with our Architects Matt and Elly. Fuelled by coffee and cinnamon swirls we ripped through the elevation drawings nailing down our final choices.

British porcelain tiles, jute and sisal carpets and naturally dyed MDF all feature along with what we hope is a muted but colourful mineral paint palette. Hopefully it will all work together, turns out interior designing an entire house from scratch is tricky but we’re happy with the choices.

Meanwhile back on site, the ridge beam for the Stone Barn is up, the first floor in the tin barn has grown, much of the interior wood frame is in place and the Stables has had a 90mm coat of thermal render (wonderfully whipped up with tiny cork beads all jiggeddy jaggeddy)

And after 28 emails backwards and forwards, one typo and an inevitable cost increase due to the scarcity of wood, our triple glazed, awesomely high-performing windows have now been ordered!

It’s starting to feel a bit more like a house

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