It’s all happening

A wee while since the last post but it does mean there has been loads of progress on site to share. We popped round for a quick lunchtime look-round and were very excited to see how much things had come on. While some way off being able to call it home, the structure in the Tin and Stone barn is taking shape.

The main job over the past couple of weeks has been building the timber frame walls for the ground and first floors. These are assembled on site as panels, wrapped in the airtight membrane and then fixed in place. The insulation will then be blown into the panels through a small 10mm hole in the membrane which is then taped back up.

The timber frame panels forming the south elevation of the Stone Barn

The team are also starting to tackle laying out the ridge beam, all 250kg of it, and rafters for the Stone Barn roof. This is proving to be a complicated three dimensional challenge, compounded by an unexpected, but necessary, dog leg in the internal south wall (the wall foundations underground were not as expected). Some careful calculations and a team effort seem to have sorted it, so the roof structure should be up soon. Once that’s in place the timber frame can be finished and then the giant jigsaw puzzle of turning our pile of old stone into a house can begin.

The most unexpected discovery was that we now have half a first floor where our bedroom will eventually be. The views from upstairs are fantastic and while the walls will reduce the panorama, we do have south and west facing bedroom windows to look forward to.

Downstairs is functioning as the temporary storage for the upstairs wall panels, plus we can now start to get a feel of how the kitchen and patio doors will look although its still (very) early days.

Meanwhile over in the Stables the air-tight roof membrane is in place, sealed with the special (aka expensive) blue tape. The team have also made the opening for the south facing office window which looks brilliant cut through the thick stone wall.

All in all a great way to spend a lunch break and bonus sunshine as well.

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