Meet the Team: Part Two

In part one we introduced our architects, Matt and Elly from Arbor Architects, and since then the team has grown again with a fresh crop of experts being roped in to help out. They are all local to Bath and Bristol too which is great.

Our PassivHaus consultant is Piers from Piers Sadler Consulting and he is pulling together the mathematical model that underpins the passivehaus design aspects. From this model we will generate the specification for the build itself such as thickness of insulation, windows choice and so on. Piers has tons of experience so is also advising on build design so we can get the very best environmental performance from our house and its pesky steel.

Our Structural Engineer is Beth from the Build Collective, another Bristol firm with an impressive portfolio of experience across the local area and beyond. Like Piers, Beth is key in solving the steel challenge and more critically making sure the house stays up!

For mechanical and electrical engineering input we have gone with Hydrock (a somewhat larger company but they have a Bristol office) where Jack, Michael and Eldi have responsibility for sorting out utility connections, designing the heating, water and power solutions, balancing the range of options available.

So lots going on as we get closer and closer to the point at which we can begin the search for a builder.

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