Meet the Team: Part One

When we first started our house building plan we were very clear that a good Architect and design team would help avoid those heart stopping moments that the producers of Grand Designs are so fond of. To ensure we stayed firmly in the realm of boring TV we put a lot of effort into finding the right architect, and so were delighted when Architype agreed to take on the project. Architype are one of the driving forces behind PassivHaus design in the UK so this was a real coup.

Throughout the numerous false starts and failed attempts, Mark at Architype provided a never ending stream of expertise, optimism and patience which was a much needed tonic while we faced frustrations and setbacks. In terms of Architype’s portfolio we were always at the smaller (ie. tiny) end so last year Mark suggested that Arbor Architects would be the ideal partner going forward. Arbor were formed by Matt and Elly who both used to work at Architype, before setting up their own practice last year to specialise in eco-friendly homes. While with Architype Matt was also the lead Architect on plot attempt number three, so is already used to our foibles – which is nice.

We are therefore delighted that Matt and Elly haven’t been scared off yet, and so will be the Architects for the Tin Barn! While we already have planning permission there is loads more detailed design to do so we can’t wait to see the house take shape over the coming weeks.

In addition to architects we also need structural engineers, mechanical and electrical experts, PassivHaus modellers, surveyors, a landscape visionary and someone to check the site for asbestos. More detail on all of these to come in Part Two.

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