A different design perspective

The complicated design work on the house continues. The non-material amendments are back in with the planners for approval and it looks like we have a solution for the steel that won’t compromise the buildings energy performance which is great. We have also been feeding some alternative thoughts into the design process.

1. Jeopardy.

As some of the loyal readers know our current house features a rather splendid two story, wooden spiral staircase contained within an old ‘Somerset Turret’ (enclosed spiral staircase stuck on the back of a building). Having fallen down it once, you get quite a bit of speed up once you start tumbling, it made me realise why kids love our current house: there is a slight sense of jeopardy that you might hurt yourself while wandering around an otherwise ordinary urban dwelling. This has led us to conclude that every house should have some aspect that causes worried Parents to say ‘be careful!’ in a trying to act casual but secretly very concerned way. Excitingly the tin barn design include two such features!

2. Consequences.

We are really keen that the building fabric feels solid and chunky with things constructed of simple, durable materials and finishes. Clearly this should extend to windows and doors and as we discussed yesterday on a zoom call with Elly and Matt is probably best described as ‘the doors should be solid enough to cut your fingers off when they shut if you’re not careful‘. Excitingly they already have a joiner in mind.

3. Just play it loud.

The whole smart home thing is very intriguing and we are giving that some further thought. For example our friends have a switch by the front door that turns off non essential power sockets so you then then know that nothing has been left on by mistake. Like most things in life you can take things to extreme with automation though – given we will be having an open plan downstairs then rather than a complete multi-room audio installation we can probably just turn our amp up to 11.

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