No rest for the wicked

In any project it’s important to have a realistic goal about when everything will be finished; so ‘when will you move in?’ is a pretty obvious question.

While we do have a plan, it has two massive, impossible to miss, elephants in residence: firstly we need to sell our current house1 and secondly, we don’t have a builder yet. In fact our budget to build will come from the house sale so we need to sort that first before we will know for sure that the project can complete as intended. We are keen to focus on getting the fabric of the building right so we always have the option of saving money on the kitchen and using our mountaineering stove instead!

It’s not as risky as it sounds, our aspirations are not hugely complicated in the grand scheme of things and there are rules of thumb for cost estimating based on square meterage, so provided we don’t get hit by an unexpected disaster like a global pandemic causing the housing market to crash all should be fine.

In the meantime we are keeping our house tidier and cleaner that it has ever been (did we mention it was available to buy?) and our architects are cracking on with surveys and the detailed design work and planning. If all goes well then we should be in a position to tender for builders in the autumn which is when things will get even more exciting.

1. now on the market if you are interested …. ?

4 thoughts on “No rest for the wicked

  1. Two other questions: 1) When is the house warming party and 2) When does the caravan arrive?! 🙂

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