Meet the Team: Part One

When we first started our house building plan we were very clear that a good Architect and design team would help avoid those heart stopping moments that the producers of Grand Designs are so fond of. To ensure we stayed firmly in the realm of boring TV we put a lot of effort into finding the right architect, and so were delighted when Architype agreed to take on the project. Architype are one of the driving forces behind PassivHaus design in the UK so this was a real coup.

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So what’s the plan?

Several years ago Chris heard a Radio 4 article about the PassivHaus standard, essentially a construction methodology that allows buildings to have incredibly low energy requirements for heating through fiendishly cunning design, an airtight construction and mechanical ventilation that recovers heat from the building’s exhaled air. In fact the building stays between about 18 and 22 degrees all year round. Well that sounded too good to be true so we did a bit of research (google) and lo and behold the BBC programme was right!

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