Sunday on site

Following the change in Government policy we decided that a site trip was finally possible and even better it would be in the sunshine this time. The local cows had done a splendid job of keeping the grass down and apart from the mild / epic feeling of panic at the amount of work ahead, it was amazing to wander round what will eventually become our new home.

Here are some photos from the site although as you’ve never been there it’s probably a bit confusing, so as a simple guide:

  • the Tin Barn and the stone barn (aka pile of rubble) next to it will become the main house;
  • the Stables will form an office, outdoor gear store and possibly another bedroom;
  • there will be car parking on the hard-standing in front of the Stables;
  • the stone wall surrounds what we have earmarked for the future veg patch, and;
  • everything currently grass is destined to … probably remain as grass.

ps. yes the structures do look that rickety in real life but we shall get clever people to sort all that out.

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