The Tin Barn

This is a blog about the project to build our new home called The Tin Barn.

Will it rain inside my house?

As you probably know by now our house will be more or less airtight with ventilation provided by a MVHR (mechanical ventilation and heat recovery) system. Essentially this pumps in air from outside and chucks out the stale, stinky air once it has had the heat removed. So far so…

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A picture tells a thousand words

We’ve been away for a week so haven’t managed to catch up with progress on site yet. Ben the Builder did send this great video while we were away though showing the progress on the first floor.

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We have to decide that now?

Some time ago, in fact it seems years ago, we were having great fun looking at floor samples, paint colours and other fancifull finishing touches all ignoring the fact that we hadn’t even started building yet. All of a sudden we seem to be at the stage of having to…

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It’s all happening

A wee while since the last post but it does mean there has been loads of progress on site to share. We popped round for a quick lunchtime look-round and were very excited to see how much things had come on. While some way off being able to call it…

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We have walls …

… sort of. Now that the ground works are done the project is really starting to pick up pace. The timber frame is being erected and this will form the ‘inner shell’ of the building, supporting the insulation, air tightness paraphernalia as well as the plaster, wiring and all the…

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Before the diggers

Just before work started I managed to get some photos with the analogue camera, in true photography tradition the film then stayed in the camera for months before getting developed!

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Ups and Downs

The last few weeks have been pretty frenetic with some good and some less great results. On the plus side, the ground works are now done (yay!) and, as the TV says, “you can’t really plan until you are out of the ground”. Another big relief is Storm Eunice seems…

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Building a raft

The site has been busy since we last posted with a lot of the work focused on constructing the insulated raft floor for the Tin and Stone barns. In order to get the required level of insulation and airtightness we are using a product called Isoquick which looks quite a…

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A New Year

If all goes well this should be the year our house is finished and we move in! We will see how things go but work has just recommenced after Christmas shutdown so there will be lots to report soon. In the meantime we had a present from our friend Olly…

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Winter Sun

The December progress meeting was a great opportunity to spend a couple of hours on site talking to the team, discussing some design excitement (more cracks) and walking through the next few weeks. I’ll let the photos give you an idea of progress.

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