The Tin Barn

This is a blog about the project to build our new home called The Tin Barn.


It’s still all about footings and slabs at the moment. The big diggers have returned, we have more humongous holes on site plus our first concrete pour!

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Lots happening below ground for the past week with diggers on site for the drainage trenches and foundations. As we’re a wee distance from the high street our arrangements for services are a little more complicated

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A proper meeting and everything

A trip to very soggy Lake District means our flat is now full of wet camping gear reminding us that we really, really need to get this house finished soon! It was great therefore to have our first on site progress meeting this week. There were good discussions between the…

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Quite a big mess

It’s fair to say the site now looks like a proper building site. Ground works have started and the first job was to strip back the top soil and lay temporary hardcore everywhere so the machinery doesn’t sink in the resultant mud. The rule of thumb appears to be “why…

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Loose ends

If you’re a fan of Channel 4’s Grand Designs as we are, you will after a while begin to spot some common show themes: things always start well but by the second ad-break someone has picked up a life threatening disease / got pregnant / ground to a halt by…

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Work on site has commenced which is off the scale exciting!! The next couple of weeks will be all about preparing the site, we need to have 550m2 of hard standing laid, so not exactly sure when holes will be dug or things actually built. We do have a digger…

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28th June

Well that took longer than expected. While negotiations are not completely finished, we have very nearly agreed build costs for our new house and this week signed a letter of intent which will allow ground works to start in two weeks (eek!)

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The five stages

Value engineering continues. The team have been brilliant, working flat out to drive down costs with cunning plans and practical suggestions. Some are no-brainers, others require some serious thought to make certain we won’t regret it later while a few have been vetoed to preserve our goal for this project.

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Oh … that’s a little unexpected

Finally the wait is over and we now have a cost from our builder! This is an exciting moment for the project. Less excitingly, while we always knew the budget was going to be tricky, it would appear we are miles away from being able to afford it which is…

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Inspiration Part Two

While we’re waiting for the build cost to arrive, the restorative alcohol is on standby, decisions on finishes and style continue to rattle round our heads. Here’s some more from the Pinterest archive on where we’ve got to so far.

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