Growing wild

Keeping on top of the undergrowth seemed like a job for a petrol two stroke brush cutter until we remembered we are trying to build an environmental passivhaus.

So the battery powered version came to the rescue instead. Very impressive it was too, which is good as I think this will be a fairly regular job over the coming months.

Batten down the hatches

Ran past the plot at the weekend and although nice and sunny it was windy, really windy. With the prevailing weather coming from the south-west and not a lot between our hill-top site and Cuba, a slight exaggeration but not by much, we should have some fun to come in the winter months.

A sturdy front door has been added to the design brief.

X marks the spot


Plot hunting around these parts is a bit of a challenge even more so when you’re trying to find somewhere to build an eco-friendly passivhaus. The site must have a southerly aspect for solar heating, not be over-shadowed by trees and obviously not be built on a plague pit or other supernatural hazard. Finding something that ticks those boxes AND is available for the right price has taken some effort. Well actually, it’s probably just luck as I’m not sure our previous efforts actually got us anywhere.

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