Loose ends

If you’re a fan of Channel 4’s Grand Designs as we are, you will after a while begin to spot some common show themes:

  • things always start well but by the second ad-break someone has picked up a life threatening disease / got pregnant / ground to a halt by Covid or been made redundant;
  • they always run out of money;
  • things miraculously come good in the last 10 minutes, and most importantly of all;
  • it’s all going to go very wrong if you don’t have a good independent Project Manager.

Wait … hang on a minute … but we don’t have a project manager?

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All the little jobs

No great leap of progress to report at the moment but many, many things are progressing. In no particular order the team have:

  • designed out most of the new steel structure, replacing it with wood to dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of the building;
  • lots and lots and lots of detailed drawings have been produced ready for the construction stage;
  • we have agreed a plan for the perimeter fence with our Farmer neighbour;
  • surreally work has started to select final room finishes including carpet and tiles;
  • we have started prepping the party wall paperwork for our neighbours;
  • our plywood kitchen is starting to firm up;
  • a garden plan is coming together and …

… we have started negotiating with a Builder. More soon.