The all nighter

In the olden days of architecture, model making was all the rage with balsa wood, posh cardboard and dangerously sharp scalpels. These would combine the night before any university deadline into a whirlwind of cut fingers, glue and frustration to form intricate scale representations of ideas and dreams. Now it’s obviously all computer aided design which our lovely Architects have used to bring our house beautifully to life. We have however continued to dabble in the old ways with our lockdown model Tin Barn and, in a high tech twist the lovely 3D printed version our friend made for us. Excitingly, we have also just recently discovered a new way of visualising our emerging home.

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X marks the spot


Plot hunting around these parts is a bit of a challenge even more so when you’re trying to find somewhere to build an eco-friendly passivhaus. The site must have a southerly aspect for solar heating, not be over-shadowed by trees and obviously not be built on a plague pit or other supernatural hazard. Finding something that ticks those boxes AND is available for the right price has taken some effort. Well actually, it’s probably just luck as I’m not sure our previous efforts actually got us anywhere.

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So what’s the plan?

Several years ago Chris heard a Radio 4 article about the PassivHaus standard, essentially a construction methodology that allows buildings to have incredibly low energy requirements for heating through fiendishly cunning design, an airtight construction and mechanical ventilation that recovers heat from the building’s exhaled air. In fact the building stays between about 18 and 22 degrees all year round. Well that sounded too good to be true so we did a bit of research (google) and lo and behold the BBC programme was right!

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