A proper meeting and everything

A trip to very soggy Lake District means our flat is now full of wet camping gear reminding us that we really, really need to get this house finished soon! It was great therefore to have our first on site progress meeting this week. There were good discussions between the Design Team and Builder plus we also got to sit in the site office and leave mud on the floor which reminded me of going to work with Dad.

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Quite a big mess

It’s fair to say the site now looks like a proper building site. Ground works have started and the first job was to strip back the top soil and lay temporary hardcore everywhere so the machinery doesn’t sink in the resultant mud. The rule of thumb appears to be “why lay one ton of hardcore when you can use three” so our idyllic bit of field is now sporting a new look

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Growing wild

Keeping on top of the undergrowth seemed like a job for a petrol two stroke brush cutter until we remembered we are trying to build an environmental passivhaus.

So the battery powered version came to the rescue instead. Very impressive it was too, which is good as I think this will be a fairly regular job over the coming months.