We’re halfway there

As is the way with these sorts of things, at least according to Channel 4 and the gospel that is Grand Designs, our timeline for completion of the house has become a little nebulous. We won’t be in by the end of June as planned but that’s not completely unexpected. Despite the delay, stuff continues to happen at a sometimes bewildering pace, so to celebrate the halfway point of the build1 here are a selection of ‘before‘ and ‘during‘ photos.

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A proper meeting and everything

A trip to very soggy Lake District means our flat is now full of wet camping gear reminding us that we really, really need to get this house finished soon! It was great therefore to have our first on site progress meeting this week. There were good discussions between the Design Team and Builder plus we also got to sit in the site office and leave mud on the floor which reminded me of going to work with Dad.

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Loose ends

If you’re a fan of Channel 4’s Grand Designs as we are, you will after a while begin to spot some common show themes:

  • things always start well but by the second ad-break someone has picked up a life threatening disease / got pregnant / ground to a halt by Covid or been made redundant;
  • they always run out of money;
  • things miraculously come good in the last 10 minutes, and most importantly of all;
  • it’s all going to go very wrong if you don’t have a good independent Project Manager.

Wait … hang on a minute … but we don’t have a project manager?

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