We have to decide that now?

Some time ago, in fact it seems years ago, we were having great fun looking at floor samples, paint colours and other fancifull finishing touches all ignoring the fact that we hadn’t even started building yet. All of a sudden we seem to be at the stage of having to choose finishes right now so they can be planned in. How did that happen?

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Yet another shade of blue?

The team are working hard on finalising the pack of documents so the Builder (more on this later) can pull together their costed proposal. Our part in this has been finalising our choices on the different finishes we want – floors, ceiling and so on which feels very surreal given we have yet to dig any (proper) holes. It will however smooth the build process if this can all be agreed up-front.

In the course of all this, the architects suggested we take a look at an environmentally friendly, mineral paint for our walls. This then led us to getting distracted for days in the fascinating and confusing world of colour.

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