Building a raft

The site has been busy since we last posted with a lot of the work focused on constructing the insulated raft floor for the Tin and Stone barns. In order to get the required level of insulation and airtightness we are using a product called Isoquick which looks quite a lot like pink polystyrene.

Obviously the Isoquick insulation is much tougher and higher performing than the white polystyrene tiles that people inexplicably glued to their ceilings in the 1970s. It comes in big slabs and is laid out like a giant jigsaw, glued together and goes completely under the concrete slab and up the sides to produce an insulated mould into which the concrete is poured.

This cleverly allows the finished slab making up the ground floor to ‘float’ within this insulated former and the insulation up the sides joins to the insulation within the walls allowing a continuous ‘wrap’ of insulation around the entire house. Combined with their tight membrane this will allow it to achieve the efficiency we are are after. Apparently there is absolutely no danger of the slab sliding away either which is good to know.

Sounds simple but as always its not quite as straightforward as all that, particularly when we are looking to retain as much of the old stone barn walls as possible. Getting the detail right has been tricky with cold temperatures stopping the glue from setting and some challenges with the old stonework but the team have done a great job and the Stone Barn slab has now been completed.

Now this has been done the isoquick can be laid for the Tin Barn – they had to be done sequentially as it overlaps the Stone Barn slightly due to the height differential. Once this is done our ground works will be complete and the walls can begin!

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