The Crack in My Wall

More structural and conservation work this week tackling the challenges of restoring old stone buildings. The problem of the month has been the keenness of our old stone walls to part company with each other – a separation that started to accelerate once the structural support offered by a budlia and some nettles were removed. As mentioned previously, propping was the temporary solution but clearly something more long term was required.

The problem

The solution is to use ‘HeliBars’ which quoting from their website are:

” … bonded into cut slots at pre-determined levels in the masonry using HeliBond thixotropic cementitious grout, it is the composite action between the HeliBars and HeliBond that provides the core element of the Helibeam System, making it such a versatile, reliable and successful masonry repair system.”

Not entirely sure what any of that means but the marketing waffle seems to have worked as the end result is looking rather good with some amazing work by the stonemasons and the original lichen retained.

The gable end of the Stables will be repaired in the same way and the rest of the stone re-pointed in lime porter and then it should all be as good as new.

Now on to the next challenge

ps. if the Dr Who reference has completely passed you by, checkout series 5 on the iPlayer.

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