It’s still all about footings and slabs at the moment. The big diggers have returned, we have more humongous holes on site plus our first concrete pour!

The cross site ducts are now in place for water, electricity and comm’s. There is a bit of yo-yoing back and forth depending on where the incoming services terminate. Water and electricity arrive in the Stables first but BT are insisting on delivering comm’s to the Tin Barn. Not sure why as it involves more work for them but Ben the Builder has given up trying to argue with them as it doesn’t really matter to us.

We are also starting to lay out the foundations which consist of footings for the walls and then concrete slabs sitting on top of ALOT of insulation. The floor for the Stables was poured yesterday and will be finished off later today. By raising the floor level and including a step we have managed to avoid the need for a retaining wall to the north which is good – the loss of a few cm in height was worth it.

More excavations later this week for the main house to set out the retaining wall we do need, along with stonework repairs. Exciting progress.

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