Loose ends

If you’re a fan of Channel 4’s Grand Designs as we are, you will after a while begin to spot some common show themes:

  • things always start well but by the second ad-break someone has picked up a life threatening disease / got pregnant / ground to a halt by Covid or been made redundant;
  • they always run out of money;
  • things miraculously come good in the last 10 minutes, and most importantly of all;
  • it’s all going to go very wrong if you don’t have a good independent Project Manager.

Wait … hang on a minute … but we don’t have a project manager?

While we don’t have a dedicated project manager, our builder Ben is on the case and we do have a good idea of what we’re getting in to. We also know how we’re going to mange risk and most importantly who is in charge of changes to the contract (Spoiler: it’s the Architect). We have also put a massive amount of effort in to taking every decision imaginable before we start on site, so the builder can plan accordingly and just get on with it.

There will of course be events we don’t anticipate and things that need to change, so there are lots of loose ends we need to keep track of. One week in and we haven’t found any unexploded bombs or plague pits yet. While we have looked at various apps and tools to help us do so we are only building a house – when all is said and done this basically boils down to:

Time – how long did the Builder say it will take and are we going to finish on time?

Money – can we afford it?

Quality – will it be the home we have dreamed of?

Quality is easy, if we build to the design then this is a given, the other two can be tracked by our patent pending project management tool.

We’ll come back to this every so often to see how things are going, in the meantime I’m off to double check I still have a job …

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