Oh … that’s a little unexpected

Finally the wait is over and we now have a cost from our builder! This is an exciting moment for the project. Less excitingly, while we always knew the budget was going to be tricky, it would appear we are miles away from being able to afford it which is a bit of a shock.

However all is not lost; next step even more value engineering, another interesting challenge in the process! Our Quantity Surveyor David is triple checking things are as they should be and fingers crossed there are some savings to be negotiated but we shall see. `

In parallel we need to work out answers to two key questions:

1. are there areas of the design we can change to save money, and;
2. do we want to spend that much money on a house ie. is the prize worth it?

Lots of thinking ahead.

To take our minds away from all this angst, we have been attempting to keep on top of the vegetation up on site. Our trusty strimmer (battery powered!) has served us well keeping the grass down while allowing us to save the meadow flowers. While hot work, it’s very therapeutic and when you pause for a second and look at the view across the site – you can’t help thinking perhaps it is worth all this money after all.

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