An unexpected turn of events

A wise friend told us that building a house is a seemingly never ending series of hurdles but eventually there be none left and the house is finished. This week’s unexpected hurdle has been fire safety. Apparently the fire brigade have minimum requirements for access to domestic houses and needless to say we appear to fall short against these. However there is a solution … install sprinklers!

It turns out that if your house is more than a certain distance from the road you need a mechanism to hold the fire at bay until …. well I’m not sure what. Perhaps if the fire brigade need a longer hose it takes them a wee while to dig it out the back of the cupboard and load it onto the truck.

Fortunately sprinklers are not all the department store industrial variety and you can get concealed systems for domestic use, so we just need to factor that in to the specification.

On to the next hurdle.

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