Year 2

A new year has arrived and a lot has happened over the past 12 months so I thought it was worth recapping the story so far for you loyal followers – yes all 7 of you.

After 6 years of looking for a plot to build our house 2020 was the year it all happened! So far we have:

  1. found a plot
  2. bought it
  3. assembled a Design Team (well our very brilliant and long suffering Architects did)
  4. finalised how we wanted to live in the house
  5. started the detailed design
  6. sold our house
  7. discovered due to various constraints the house, while still super, mega energy efficient, wouldn’t quite be as efficient as we’d hoped
  8. done more detailed design
  9. as a result, established that our house would actually be super, mega, brilliantly energy efficient after all
  10. mostly finished the mechanical and electrical design
  11. started the hunt for a builder

So if all goes well this year, we should be in by Christmas! (and yes that is what they always say on the TV).

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