The big book of words

The house project rollercoaster continues with great leaps of progress in some areas (design) while elsewhere we appear at times to be no further forward (amendments to our planning permission). Lockdown 2.0 has at least given us some enforced ‘stay at home’ time which we have put to good use reviewing the huge amounts of detail that is being produced and assembled by the team.

To de-mystify the design and build process for us mortals, RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects, have established 8 stages for any building construction in their Plan of Work 2020 which are:

  1. – Strategic definition.
  2. – Preparation and briefing.
  3. – Concept design.
  4. – Spatial coordination.
  5. – Technical design.
  6. – Manufacturing and construction.
  7. – Handover.
  8. – Use.

Despite not having finalised our planning permission amendments we are now well into RIBA Stage 4, Technical Design, so as a result  have some brilliant drawings detailing bits of the new house.

We also have an amazingly comprehensive Mechanical and Electrical Specification for the project which we prefer to call the Big Book of Words. As you might expect from the title this details the house lighting, power and ventilation requirements for the, yet to be found, builder. It’s also good to know that the builder will be required to install things straight and level; based on our previous homes this will be a novelty.

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