Kitchen Musings

Lots going on and we are well behind on the blog, blame the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, so there is much to catch up on. Last weekend we spent a productive morning working out how we wanted the kitchen to work and also discovered our secret weapon – Plywood!

The basic kitchen plan is a big open plan room that will take up the whole ground floor of Tin Barn. That was the easy bit, actually working out how we wanted to use the space, move around the room and where things like sockets go was much more agonising. This is what we ended up with and while the result may look simple this took a lot of thinking about!

The Island. This will be pretty big, about 3.5m long, house the hob and oven and be the main cooking and chatting area. Learning from our friends some bar stools will also be make an appearance.

Plant Room. There is a fair bit of plant equipment to home in this corner including the MVHR, water tank, Air Source Heat pump gubbins and washing machine. Not sure yet if it will be an actually room or giant cupboard. Probably the former given washing machine noise but still thinking about that one.

Coffee Alcove. We have a theory that if a kitchen appliance is kept in a cupboard then it won’t get used. This is therefore a sneaky surface under the stairs where we cab host the kettle, coffee machine and toaster. It will also have some shelves for our spices and other handy cooking stuff within easy reach of the duty chef.

Pantry aka Massive Cupboard. Again borrowing ideas from friends we will have two big cupboards behind sliding doors. With tons of shelf space this will give ample storage space for stockpiling.

Storm Watching Corner. For some time this was a dead space and we couldn’t really decided what to use it for. However with the addition of a high worktop, bar stool and some book shelves we think this will make a splendid spot for staring out of the window and watching what the weather is up to.

Obviously like most people in the UK we get all our house building knowledge from Grand Designs and on that fine show the Kitchen is traditionally where the budget goes bonkers. However we have a cunning plan here with the discovery that there are numerous companies in the UK that will sell custom plywood doors and drawer fronts for standard IKEA kitchen units. This would appear to result in a very nice looking kitchen for a fraction of the cost of that posh Kitchen Shop on the A4 London Road. Our Architects also have some more plywood plans for the sliding pantry doors and stairs so the end result should be rather splendid.

That’s one room done, onto the next ….

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