The unmentionable

So its time to talk money. You’ve all seen the TV and the tricky conversations that start with “so how much will all this cost” and end with some mumbling about savings and how “we’ll work something out”. Obviously our project will be very different and run to budget but as gold taps and a monorail are pricey essentials we do need to give this matter some thought.

The project budget comes from the sale of our last house so that’s now fixed but it also needs to cover fees, site clearance, connecting services and of course the monorail so its fair to say that money will be tight. To avoid the heart stopping ‘mid-project’ phase where we discover we can’t afford a roof, we have taken the decision to employ a Quantity Surveyor. Dave the QS is brilliant and has pulled together a cost model for the complete project that covers everything down to the cost of skirting (surprisingly expensive) and the new steel structure (unsurprisingly also expensive).

This model now gives us cost certainty and also reveals we can’t afford it.

However we are not daunted by this, I won’t lie, disappointing initial conclusion and have embarked on a process of ‘value engineering’. The first discussion saved £70,000 of non-essential stuff from the model so we are on the right track and although there are difficult conversations ahead that monorail will soon be mine.

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