Scribbles, Sketches and Spaces

Our house design is coming together and it’s exciting to see things take shape as we try to imagine ourselves living in the end result. Its been a journey with many stages so here’s the summary so far …

Stage 1. This all started, long before we found our site, with a design brief we wrote to help us in our search for an architect. Anyone who thinks of building a house has a head full of dreams and ideas about how they want it to look, but we took the decision from the outset to focus our efforts on really thinking hard about how we wanted to use the space and leave the detail to the professionals.

Our brief was therefore full of thoughts and examples of how we live rather than how we wanted it to look, such as what we get up to in our spare time as well as likes (big kitchens) and dislikes (en-suites). This has stood the test of time and although we refreshed it a bit for this site (we thought we’d be in the new house by 2016!!) it largely still reflected what we want from this project in terms of spaces, flow between then and the type of building we are looking for

Stage 2. Massing studies and the big ideas. This started with the first visit to site and we have been finessing it with Matt and Elly ever since. Open plan is the name of the game, with a PassivHaus we don’t have to worry about drafts or cold spots as the whole of the house will be at an even temperature. We are also becoming fixated on the need for epic amounts of storage, aka somewhere to hide our crap, and there are some lovely opportunities and design touches starting to emerge such as a sneaky mezzanine level and clever long views.

Stage 3. Matt and Elly have now taken all this initial thinking and are working up a more detailed layout. Initially in sketch form this is being refined and we are nearly at the 3D model stage. It’s at that point the practicalities of the real world will make an appearance such as energy services and structural requirements (“what do you mean I can’t have first floor jousting hall?”) as we start to get stuck into the detailed drawings.

Lots to do but it feels ever so real …

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