The fun bit begins

Up until now there has been lots going on behind the scenes like our asbestos survey (we have some), programme planning and some initial structural survey work but not a lot of the exciting design stuff. Well its obviously all exciting to us but they don’t televise this sort of thing on Grand Designs for a reason, so you know what I mean. However on Friday we had our first, socially distanced, site meeting with our splendid architects!

The purpose of the visit was to have a good look round the site so Matt and Elly could get an understanding of the setting plus the various planning constraints we need to adhere to. It was fascinating to walk around with someone else, particular those with a creative mind as they notice little things that we hadn’t yet, such as how old farm steel or interesting bits of stone might be re-used.

Once the site walk around was finished we set up our al-fresco meeting table and got stuck in. No actual designs or sketches to share yet as we are only at the initial stages of design but by getting this bit right we know we are going to get a good result. Instead there was lots of discussion around how the interior space might work, how we wanted to use entrances while covered in post-run mud and thoughts on matching spaces to the great views on offer.

The net results were a full Architect’s notebook, diagrams covered in scribbles and our heads energised with what-ifs.

There’s a way to go yet but we can’t wait for the next stage!

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